Acceptance Testing

AES can provide Certified High Voltage acceptance testing for power substations, generators, transformers, switchgear and grounding systems.  AES is uniquely qualified to complete these and many other testing requirements you may have. 

Transformer and Insulating Oil Services

Advanced Electric Systems can process transformer oil with high combustible gases and vacuum fill transformers of any size.

FR3 Oil Retro fills:  AES can provide environmentally friendly Envirotemp FR3 natural ester-based less- flammable transformer insulating fluid change outs. Advanced Electric has been factory certified and can retro fill transformers and equipment of any size.

Honest & Effective Solutions for Utilities and Business

High Voltage Power System Maintenance

Advance Electric Systems can provide turnkey maintenance programs for substations, power plants and other utility systems.

  • Load Tap Changers (LTC) maintenance
  • Voltage Regulator maintenance
  • Transformers and  Desolved GAS Analysis (DGA)
  • Thearmal scan analysis
  • Battery bank maintenance and testing
  • Insulating oil processing

Advanced Electric Systems can also provide installation and consulting services for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems,  Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) as well as Automatic Meter Reading systems (AMR).

 Utility Supervisory Services